In recent year, Phoenix’s vibrant university corridor, a wellspring of tech jobs and an uptick in high-density housing has made it a haven for young, affluent consumers. The grocery store industry is one of the most competitive industries out there and in Phoenix that competitiveness is heightened. Adding more to the fierce market, German discount food store ALDI has purchased buildings in Tempe and Glendale and executed a lease in Chandler. Aldi could start opening stores in Phoenix in 2019, and they will build at least nine stores in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

For fashion shoppers, Scottsdale Fashion Square is an upscale, super-regional luxury shopping mall located in the downtown area of Scottsdale, Arizona. It is the largest shopping mall in Arizona with approximately 2 million square feet (180,000 m²) of retail space, and is among the top 30 largest malls in the country.

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