Urban Planning in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona recently became the fifth largest city in the United States, joining the ranks of some huge metropolises like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. All of these cities are known for many things, but the one they may have most in common is their crazy traffic. However, Phoenix isn’t known for that at all. What’s the difference between the ways the cities were designed? What makes Phoenix stand out?

How to Acquire a Driver’s License in Arizona

New to the beautiful state of Arizona? Obtaining a driver’s license is one the first priorities when moving to a new state. The state of Arizona has managed to simplify the process making life much easier. As a new resident, the initial process will require a visit to one of the local Motor Vehicle Division offices (MVD). With over 40 MVD offices and over 160 authorized third party locations you will be sure to find one near you.

Cost of Living Phoenix vs. Denver

If you live in Denver, Colorado and have been considering a move, chances are Phoenix is one of the places at the top of your list. Maybe you like the lack of snow, or the fact that Phoenix has a baseball, football, and hockey team, just like Denver. No matter why you’re considering it, at some point you need to run the numbers to see if the cost of living makes sense for you financially!

Arizona, driving into the future!

Phoenicians have been zooming throughout the city in cars for a while now, but if you find yourself on the east side of town, you might notice some funny looking vehicles on the road. You look over to find out what the heck the vehicle is when you notice the person sitting in the driver seat does not even have their hands on the wheel! That strange looking vehicle is actually a self driving car.